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Western Region IPM

Joe DeFrancesco

Pest Management Strategic Plans

Pest Management Strategic Plans (PMSPs) are widely recognized as a conduit for communication from growers and other IPM practitioners to regulators and granting agencies. These documents give a realistic view of pest management issues and strategies used in the field and provide a forum for agricultural producers and allied professionals to set meaningful research, regulatory, and educational priorities needed for transition to alternative pest management practices.  Pest Management Strategic Plans are developed by growers and other stakeholders to identify the pest management needs and priorities of a particular commodity.  The Plans take a pest-by-pest approach to identifying the current management practices (chemical and nonchemical) and those under development. 

Under the auspices of the Western IPM Center, I am the PMSP Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest.  The PMSPs for which I have taken a leadership role in are listed below.  PMSPs for other crops in the Pacific Northwest, and across the USA, are hosted on the National IPM Centers website at   

Blueberries (Oregon and Washington)

Caneberries (Oregon and Washington)

Mint (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California)

Onions (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado)

Snap Beans (Oregon and Washington)

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